What’s up at one year and eight/ nine months…

You can already put on your shoes at one year and eight months and you do not want my help. I think it takes you about ten to fifteen minutes to get it right while I just sit there motionless. If I so much touch your shoes you get all fussy and bossy that you want to do it yourself.

You’re starting to get better in forming sentences in tagalog! I swear sometimes I do not know where you hear those words!

Situation # 1: You were taking your dinner with your lola. The viands were adobo and gising gising (spicy baguio beans with coconut milk). You saw her take a bite and said… “Gusto iya sarsa”. Wow! that’s something you do not hear everyday!

Situation # 2: We were visiting my friend Wennie with Tita Alena and Matteo. While you were walking around the room you saw coins on her side table. You went and picked it up and said “Asan na alkansya?”. They burst out laughing because it was so tagalog. Hindi man lang daw coin bank or piggy bank!

Situation # 3: I was home last Monday to watch the SONA and do some work for Claro. You saw me on the computer. “Nanay ayaw computer! Laro lang kasama Iya”

Situation #4: You love roleplaying as a mother. You would carry Mickey or any favorite doll of the moment and will say “Love ko baby ko, Kiss ko baby ko” “Sleep ka na ha?” “Kain ka para wag injection”

Situation # 5: She would like to ask “San na nanay mo?” to everything she sees, may it be our dog, an insect, a doll, a kid… kahit ano!

Situation # 6: She usually sleeps twice during daytime and she requests her lola to be with her until she sleeps. Sometimes her lola has something to do so this is what happens.

J: Nona tabi ka dito Iya
L: May ginagawa pa si lola eh, nagtatahi pa.
J: Tabi ka hanggang tulog na Iya, tapos tahi ka kapag tulog na iya.

She remembers what we tell her and reminds herself out loud. Like “Wag dura, lunok lang” whenever she eats, “Bawal Iya chocolate” whenever she sees a chocolate bar, “Bawal Iya icecream kasi sipon” whenever she has colds, “Lakad lang, wag takbo baka dapa” whenever she walks a little faster than normal.

You are starting to throw tantrums when you do not get what you want. Most of the time I ignore your tantrums so I guess you get that I will not tolerate your whims. Sometimes, we distract you with other things to forget what made you irritable in the first place.

Eventhough you hate to see me change from my pjs to my work clothes, you choose what I will wear. You do not like buttons and dark colored shirts and you will plead to make me change my shirt for you. There was a time when you chose my pink nursing top and jeans from my closet. I think it reminds you of what I usually wear when we are together and maybe it may prevent me from going to work.

You do not want to let go when I say “goodbye”. You insist on coming along with me “Iya sama nanay office”. It takes all my willpower to stay home.

You are starting to use “ha?” in your sentences… “kain ka ha? nanay”

You are the sweetest little thing! You will sporadically kiss me and hug me when I was not expecting it. You will also say “Love ko baby ko!” while hugging me and patting my back.

You know how to use “See you later!” and “See you tomorrow!” along with goodbye.

You can jump! yey! and you love to dance to the hotdog dance from the mickey mouse clubhouse.

You know how to climb up the stairs all by yourself and how to step down from the stairs although you still have to be supervised.

You dropped your middle of the night nursing schedule, so you only nurse at 9pm and at 5am. You are such a big girl!

Your second molar from the bottom right has already erupted (august 9, 2010)… maybe that’s why you keep on putting you fingers in your mouth.

And most importantly you are chubbier! (puera usog!) It’s so hard to carry you around. My back hurts! but I’m not complaining 🙂


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