Litrato sa bahay

This was taken by my brother when she was a year old. He was testing his camera and we are happy to let him take Iya as his subject. I love this! Even with her pambahay outfit she looks soo cute you want to pinch her cheeks!

I have fond memories of our stairs. This is where we, my brother and cousins, spend our day stair surfing with our mattress, lining our toys and pretending to have a sari-sari store, cutting up bank withdrawal and deposit forms and pretending to transact with the teller, sliding down from the pole and pretending to be a fireman, etc. This is our magic stairs where the possibilities are endless!

Maybe when Julia is a little older she can make her own memories with her cousins (and maybe a brother or a sister) and I would be happy to supply her with ideas.


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