What’s up at one year and ten months…

Ice cream maker play doh
Oreo line up

My ice cream creations

Iya’s vocabulary in tagalog is increasing to accommodate gaps in phrases. There was one time when we were eating out in Tayabas and I was scarfing down rice in between feeding her. I have to do it fast since my darling is a little impatient if I so much miss a second of feeding her. She will say “ah!” and follow my spoon kakaawa naman so I have to sneak eating fast! She saw me and said “Nanay tama na, sobra sobra ka na kain pagkain Iya!” I am being policed– my very own diet police as my friend Laya said.

We bought her a play-doh set on sale in toy kingdom. I asked her to choose between the hamburger maker and the ice cream maker. I really prefer the later but she chose the former. I tried to confuse her by asking her to go to the rack and point what toy she likes and she really insists on the hamburger maker. I asked her to go and look around for other toys but she really wanted to go back and buy it. I finally succumbed to what she wanted.

After two days, I can’t seem to get it off my mind so I went and bought the ice cream maker too! Inisip ko tuloy parang naisahan ako! She chose what I don’t like because she knows that I will also buy her the other one!

This is her latest favorite toy. She cuts her nap to about an hour so she can play with her play-doh. She will immediately get up and say “Tapos na ko tulog, Nay laro na tayo play-doh”. We can play for three hours straight, with Iya cutting or scooping for her ice cream cup. She assigned cups for all of us and gave me the yellow cone (she knows yellow is one of my favorite colors) and the orange one (her favorite) for her. Just last night, still wearing my work outfit, we were mashing the clays to make hamburgers. I also made her an apple, a lemon, a mango, and a slice of watermelon.

It was also because of this Play-doh that she disliked me for a brief moment. We were supposed to go to her checkup just this Saturday, September 4. She was still playing and I said I’ll leave her if she does not follow. Ordinarily this will make her get up and follow me, but apparently the pull of the play hamburger is greater. I left her for a time crying because I will not open the can. When she stopped, I entered the room (I was scared that she’ll probably fiddle around with the plugs or something). She is still sitting and would not budge so I carried her up to the door, then let Henry carry her to the car. When we were inside, I thought that everything was fine but no! She does not want to come near me. She will stay close to her yaya and will not look at my direction. It was honest-to-goodness snubbing! hahahaha We were both not speaking and I was thinking hala! eto na yon! her yaya was speaking to her about saying sorry and coming to make ammends but she said “ayaw kay nanay”. I said “o sige, walang mamam. Di tayo tabi mamayang gabi, dun kayo ni tatay sa crib si nanay sa bed nalang. Tapos gagawa nalang kami ni tatay ng baby brother para may akap si nanay. Kasi si Iya big girl na ayaw na kay nanay.” That did it. She started to stroke my shoulder as if to say sorry, left her yaya to give me a hug and a verbal sorry! I’m so bad! hahaha

Holloween decorations are up at Toy Kindom. They are lined up near the door and when Iya saw it she was really scared holding to her lolo for dear life. We kept on teasing her if she wants to go to Toy Kingdom but kept on saying “ayaw” when we said we will buy play-doh she said “Ayaw, meron na Iya nun sa bahay”.

She knows how to say her night prayers. Initially I say it for her and she surprised me when she prayed along with me. Since she can’t pronounce L yet, she substitutes it with N. Apparently she’s been memorizing it all along.

Now I nay me down to sleep
I pray the Nord my soul to keep
If i should die before i wake
I pray the Nord my soul to take. Amen.

She started to use her pronouns like “ko” and “akin” instead of her name, “mo”, and “sila”.

She knows how to open ointment, medicine, vicks, powder, bottle caps. She knows how to climb up and down the stairs.

It is confirmed. My little girl is now finished with in-the-middle-of-the-night feedings! And it is probably the reason why my milk supply is at its all time low. I can’t even get more than 2 oz last Friday!


One thought on “What’s up at one year and ten months…


    Nako, dinadiet ka ni Iya! Metikulosang bata :p

    ang feeling ko nung una, ikaw ang gusto maglaro nung ice cream maker. haha hindi ko naranasan yata mag play-doh. Meron ako nong clay pero wala nyang mga maker na yan.

    Inisip ko tuloy parang naisahan ako! ~TRUE!!!

    Natakot sya sa baby brother :p di pa ready :p


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