Weekend in Tayabas

We went to the province for the weekend to celebrate my mother’s birthday. I was busy doing charity work for a relative of a friend so I tried my best to have a quality time with my darling baby as much as I can. We spent the friday evening at the mall and had dinner in Pizza Hut. I let her munch on chicken sticks and fries (so unhealthy). When we were finished eating, we saw a chocolate booth in the middle of the atrium. I was choosing chocolates and she did the same. She started to insist on letting me buy her a chocolate bar. Ofcourse I said no and asked her to return it. When I was paying for my junkfoods I saw her with a bigger chocolate bar. Apparently my mother encouraged her to get one. She went to the cashier in front of me and gave the chocolate bar in tiptoes. It was such a grownup move that I let her buy it (and I know the bar is for my mother). She then went to the stuffed toy section and hugged a stuffed monkey. And after the go signal from my mother (because I refuse to buy her ANOTHER toy), she also went to the cashier to pay for it. Sanay na sanay!

We went swimming Saturday afternoon and this was the first time we tried the piggy back ride in the pool. We also tried the slide together. I think I am more scared than she was. She is such a water lover and does not want to get out!

That night we attended the catered event for Nanay’s birthday party. Even if I was not able to sneak and play bingo with her friends, it was fun spending time with our relatives and running after Iya who was running after the neighborhood cat.


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