First day in Potty Training

She first said she will pee when we were in the car on our way to a swimming pool in Bulacan. I already removed her diapers for her to wear her swim diapers. It is not as absorbent as a regular diaper so I said if she will pee she has to tell me or we will both get wet. And she did!

So her one year and eleven months is potty training day! Since she can say she can poo and sometimes she can also say she will pee, we started to let her wear panties and shorts instead of a diaper. I can say we had a successful first day since she did not pee all over the place.

She was in her underwear from the house to her lola’s. Then we asked her if she wants to go to the toilet after eating breakfast and she said yes. And she did! I’m so happy! hahaha I did not know that mothers can be sobrang mababaw and be happy and proud of this moment. At par with the time I saw her know her shapes, colors, and matching puzzles.

She also went before she took a bath, after her nap, before she slept with her lola. We did not overstress it by letting it go on for a day because I know it must have been stressful holding it in. She had her diapers when she took her naps and while sleeping throughout the night. I ask her every hour and a half during the day and so far it’s the correct timing.

I know that there will be times that she will have accidents and I know that usually toddlers start potty training at three so I have no expectations. I will just let her take a break from wearing diapers a few hours in the morning and the afternoon.


A few weeks after her first day she had her accidents already. She was squatting while watching her ABCs and I saw a pool of liquid underneath… oops!

And just this September 16, she was standing wearing her pajamas and suddenly exclaimed out loud “Ayan na! ayan na!” And ayun na nga!


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