What’s up at one year and eleven months…

She loves her veggies! and not just any veggies, she eats lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, and corn. Henry asks “Ano gusto mo pasalubong?” and she will reply “gulay”. She is referring to the lettuces from the kfc salad set. I never really notice how kids eat but I know that only a little number eats vegetables and even a smaller number eats raw vegetables. Just now, we came back from Nicole’s baptismal party and she ate the vegetable salad and fresh fruits for dessert. She can easily join the raw food movement!

She loves fruits. She eats the regular apples, oranges, etc… and the not so regular like lanzones and mangosteen. She even asks her lolo to bring her lanzones, mangosteen, and saging as his pasalubong from Tayabas. She also eats lots of kamote and suman. She can really survive if we all live in the mountains!

We recently bought her a play money set because she knows the concept of bayad and bili. For two days she does not want to part with her coins but eventually gave it up for her mini ceramic tea set (with one plate already broken). We set up her toys on her play mat to simulate a store. She had her bag/pail and filled it with things she liked to buy. I’m starting to introduce her to paper money and through colors and hopefully she will get it eventually. So far I think she knows 20 pesos because of the color orange… her favorite color.

She takes role-plays into a new level.

Lola: Gusto mo ba maging doktor?
Iya: Ayaw
L: Ano gusto mo paglaki mo?
I: Gusto ko maging nanay.

Sweet but OMG!

Iya: (to her yaya) Ikaw baby ko.
Yaya: Ah talaga? o sige mamam na ako
Iya: Dito tayo sa bed, higa tayo, dito ka mamam

And they did. After a few seconds she said “Ubos na, other side naman”.

She also cooks for her baby and feeds her. After feeding, here’s what happened…

Yaya: Nanay liguan mo na ako
Iya: Sandali lang ha? hugas pa ako (she is washing their play dishes in the sink)

I mean she really takes it by heart! She will ask for a tissue to wipe the table whenever we eat out. She wipes her stroller and will be entertained for a good thirty minutes. She also imitates aling Lisa (our helper) washing clothes (complete with putting soap and scrubbing!) and sweeping the floor. Nanay even bought her a small walis tambo so she will leave our broom alone.

She went to her cousin Xavier and Alisons house and she was well behaved. I can safely say that she has the ethics that will get us invited again for a play date. She does not initiate arguments, allows her playmate to get the toys she’s holding sometimes, and does not push. I kind of think she’s a little pushover but I guess there’s no use fighting her battles for her. I just make sure she does not get hurt by rough house play. Xavier, who is already 4, loves her and gives her toys to play with. He holds her hand and checks her if she’s ok. He even tells others to speak in whispers because Iya is sleeping.


One thought on “What’s up at one year and eleven months…

  1. congrats, ate! You are her idol! Siguro nakita nya sayo na you enjoy being a mom kaya naisip nya na that's what she wants. Kasi diba kids are like that. Yung tingin nila na heroic and fun yung dream profession nila. πŸ™‚ You did a great job being a mom! πŸ™‚


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