Cousin Trina’s Wedding

with my lovely cousin Sarah and Iya with her infatuation with flowers
I asked her to pose under the grand light in the hotel lobby. Scale comparison is so powerful isn’t it?

Running around the lobby. She’s so high on chips and peanuts that she needs to burn off the excess salt (if there is such a thing)

In the spacious powder room. I veered her away from the floor to ceiling mirror for this picture and she’s waiting for her immediate release.

She’s begging to allow her to play with the flowers which I said no. If I said yes, she will probably pick flowers around our pew vicinity and Trina would wonder why that part is “kalbo”. After the ceremony her tita Jovy allowed her get one branch and she used it to sweep the floor. How OC can you get?


Her kakulitan with the aisle flowers gave her the ticket to enter Dino Lara’s blog under Trina and Loy’s wedding. I’m honored given that she got a solo picture slot and she sort of bested the flower girls in the wedding haha! stage mom! see it in:


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