Eating Out

near the desert table

with Tatay
with Nanay

We woke up one fine Sunday morning on October 10 and had a craving for an eat-all-you-can lunch buffet! When we got there, a lot of people were celebrating their birthdays, treating their balikbayans for lunch, while we just want to eat.
Amongst the three of us, Iya was the one who took the advantage. She was free to eat whatever she wants without the cost. I gave her spoon and fork and allowed her to eat on her own. I guess the novelty of being allowed to eat independently whenever she is with me gave her a big appetite. She ate about three plates full of fruits (mango, orange, apples, pineapples, papaya, banana, pear, strawberry) and salad toppings (lettuce, tomato, cheese, carrots, cucumber). I also got her a creme brulee but she does not want the taste of sweet things so I ended up eating it instead.

I did not notice the people observing her around our table because I was focused on seeing she eats well. When I looked up after getting her a plateful, a lady was smiling at me. She told me that she’s such a delightful little girl eating on her own. She had a great time watching her eat and she commends me for raising her well. I said thank you but at the back of my mind I know that my Nanay plays a big part molding Iya’s character. And that’s not the end of it. Whenever people around us leaves, they would say goodbye to Iya saying that she’s such a joy to watch. She says goodbye right back almost making her a celebrity!

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