Saturday off

After months of planning and cancelling, I finally went to see Bong to get my hair done. Bong has been our stylist (with Bell and Alena) for years. I was out of the circulation for two years due to my pregnancy and being busy with taking care of Iya. Hopefully we’ll see him again soon and maybe it will not be just me that time!

We parked in Alimall and I saw the Payless Shoe Source store! Wow! I saw what I was looking for! a nice pair of black maryjanes for Iya for only 800 pesos. I also bought her a pair of sneakers in pink as usual and also one for me. I feel it’s about time to retire my site sketcher shoes for four years. I want to buy more but I don’t know what would go along with my clothes.

When we were near our baranggay the car broke down. One of the rear wheels was not moving. The brake shoe got stuck! darn these floods! And this unfortunate timing got us in the middle of the shady part in Catmon where homeless people sleep at night 😦 I called Henry with my heart thudding while waiting for him. When he arrived, he fixed the car for 30 mins with all the usiseros. I don’t know what to do to help so we were just waiting for him inside the car. And when it was finished I sighed with relief! Thank you God!!


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