Halloween 2010

Yesterday, I took Iya to her Ninang Diane’s office for trick or treat. It was our first time to go and I think I am more excited than her. She wore her Korean dress that Ninong Marty gave her four or five months ago. When I got it I knew instantly that she will wear it for this year’s Holloween! We were there at around 2pm and we lined up for face painting (for Iya) and glitter tattoo (for me). We both got flower designs. She got one on her face and got mine on my right arm. It is soo cute! The artist created a cherry blossom branch at the side of her face. He was a little hesitant because he does not usually paint on toddlers because it was impossible to keep them still. But he was amazed when Iya was so behaved. It matches the dress perfectly! There were popcorn, cotton candy, and ice cream booths per floor and you can have as many as you want! Diane and I were the ones who did because after a few pinch of the cotton candy Iya says no.

By 3pm they fell in line for the parade to the different departments. I must say it was a major production. They really took time to prepare for the kids. And the candies were overflowing! You can even get balloons that were part of their decorations. The themes were Alice in Wonderland, Madagascar, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Plants vs. Zombies, Despicable Me, Wall-e, Mario Brothers, Addams Family, and Ice Age. It was so cute! and Iya was walking the whole time carrying her pumpkin pail.

When we were walking along the hallway, a lady asked us what’s Iya’s name and surname. It turns out that she is a judge and the best part is… IYA WON! the best costume for 4 and below, female category. She won a 500 pesos gift certificate. Yey!! and again thanks to Ninong Marty! I let her walk to the people in front to claim her prize. She’s such a brave girl given that the host is made up as nightcrawler of the xmen. After the awarding, we went to Megamall for dinner. I can’t count how many turned their heads to look at Iya. She got so many smiles and stares that I finally felt how to escort a celebrity!

My pretty Korean dress as a costume. Winning their hearts with it’s UN appeal

with Nanay

The loot! with the baloons at the background

Lollipops galore!


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