Conversations with Julia

I was reading a book while Iya was playing with her Mickey Mouse stuffed doll when I overheard this phrase. Makes me want to quit my job right then!

Iya: Mickey wag ka iyak kasi di ka iiwan ni nanay. Kasama ka ng nanay mo.

She was playing on the bed with while her Lola was watching soap operas when she puts Mickey in her Lolas shirt and said..

Iya: Dala mo na baby mo. Lola kangaroo ka kasama mo baby mo. Tulog na kayo.

My Uncle Peter is with us vacationing from the US. She was observing him for a while before saying…

Iya: Wala ka buhok sa taas. Sa baba lang (referring to his full beard).
Lolo Peter: E si uncle?
I: Meron sya buhok sa taas at sa baba.
LP: E si Lolo Leo?
I: Meron sya buhok sa taas pero wala sa baba.
Lola Choly: E si tatay?
I: Wala sya buhok sa tuktok. Wala din sya buhok baba.

She was playing with me after dinner. I got the idea to let her slide on my legs so she was happily sliding away. After three slides she said..

Iya: Sabi ni nanay… AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! (then laughs out loud!)

She imitates the way I go down the slide complete with shrieks! and to think that happened two months ago!


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