What’s Up at Two years and Two Months…

I have been teaching Iya Christmas Carols since the end of November. Whenever we go home and she sees the Christmas lights I cannot help sing Jingle Bells, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and other Christmas songs. I would also sing Away in the Manger and make her do the actions.

She can spell her nickname! I heard her (December 11, 2010) when she said “I-Y-A Iya!”
She started to dress herself that day. She was successful in removing her dress and socks and putting her clothes in the hamper without help. She also started to put on her sando and shorts with little help. She can pull down her shirt and pull up her shorts.

She is always singing and dancing whenever she hears music. She loves to entertain people. She can sing “Baa Baa Black Sheep” with complete lyrics.
I am teaching her our address but she kept on teasing me saying “Concepcion”, “Tugatog”, or “Tayabas” instead of “Malabon City”. I think she’s doing it deliberately because she’s grinning after saying each wrong location.

She loves to play her building blocks and usually builds towers. Here’s one of her earlier creation when she was just a year old.

Princess Iya on top of her tower

Playing with her blocks. A regular activity every time we go home at night.

Now, her favorite activity includes her finger puppet set from Tita Laya. She prefers the parrot and the rabbit because they have her favorite colors – orange and white.

I can talk to her and she understands it most of the time. We are starting to have conversations at night. What I particularly like about it is she talks like she has been speaking for the longest time. She has transition words and expressions that makes it more real. She can say what she wants and express what she feels.
She’s 11kg. from her last check up and she has grown an inch since we took her height when she turned two. Yey! Her milk is pediasure, fresh milk, and Nido or Bearbrand. I already asked my pediatrician if I can stop her pediasure and she said yes. She has increased her appetite and eats almost everything. I love that she still eats vegetables cooked or fresh. We changed her vitamins to Cherifer, hoping that her small stature will change somehow — Crossing my fingers!
She had her share of bumps and bruises and mosquito bites. Her depressed cheeks are not that obvious anymore (*sigh of relief!*). I know that child rearing is not perfect and I’m still trying to accept it without beating myself up too much.

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