Pre-Christmas Happenings 2010

It was a great vacation made extra special with Iya. We spent Christmas eve in Tayabas with the Flores family and we spent New Year with the Bernardo’s.  The temperature dropped in Tayabas that Iya had colds and fever.  But even if she was sick, she was gracious and not irritable.  Here are some of what we did prior to the party. 

It was our job, Ryan and I, to arrange grocery items that Nanay and Tatay will be giving to the farmers.  It apparently was something she liked to do because she kept on insisting to do it too.

While most were enjoying an afternoon nap, she was playing with me.  We were upstairs playing with Mcdonalds Happy meal toys that we collected over the years.  When she became bored with the toys, she pretended that she’s the mother and I’m the baby.  Then when I was writing and arranging the things I need for the games, she also wanted to write.  These are some of the clips…

Nanay kong Naglalaba
Ano gusto mo?
Writing or drawing?

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