Sunday School

She first attended Sunday School last January 9 with me in tow.  This is a perfect chance for her to mingle with the other kids.  She was behaved and followed instructions to either sit or stand.  They sang the song for the day and listened to the lesson.  I’m not really sure if she really understood the discussion on Noah’s ark. 

It brought back memories of my own when they were asked to sing “Christ in my Vessel”.  The leaders asked if anyone knows the song and I was the only one who voiced out yes.  Talk about being an active “saling pusa”!  After the lesson, they gave Iya the leaflet showing Noah and the animals with the boat and the rainbow at the background.  She colored it with… orange! What else? And finished it with her name (with my help). 

When I asked her if she wants to go to Sunday School again she said yes.


It was so cute when she told her yaya Ailyn and Aling Lisa that she attended Sunday School.  In a way it made an impression on her and I am thankful that she found the experience exciting because growing up in church with my friends was one of my fondest memories.

Last night when I was finished telling her a story, which is the retelling of Noah’s ark, she said Nanay gusto ko yung “smile and storm”.  I did not immediately get what she wanted.  I finally understood it was the lyrics of the Sunday School song.  So it took countless number of times that I have to sing “Christ in my Vessel” that I finally have to give up!  We sang it with complete actions with special participation of her Mickey Mouse.


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