Christmas 2010

We started our Christmas pictures at home with our mini tree.  This was before our Christmas parties so all the gifts we will be giving out were still here.  With hurried schedules in the morning, we took this shot before going to bed wearing our pjs eeps!  Iya inspired our choice of colors which is rust/ orange matched with aqua blue.  Our wrapping paper is orange as well.

 Family Picture
 Iya scanning the tags for her gifts
 Posing with the gifts
With my baby
We went to Henry’s company Christmas party on the 22nd of December.  Can’t get enough pictures with trees.  It so happened that the company color is orange-her favorite!
 With her new ate
 She found her gift under the tree
We spent the main event in Tayabas.  Our Christmas tree, coincidentally, is also orange. We have a slightly big family, which is usual for families in the province, so we expect the gifts to overflow every time.  The groceries are Tatay and Nanay’s gifts for the farmers.  We gather every dinner on the 24th and usually play a few games, para mangulit ng mga pinsan,  and catch up on each other’s lives.  Iya had colds the whole time so we always have her lampin at the background.
 Iya with the gifts and our tree in Tayabas
 Nanay/ Lola, the host for the dinner
 We had the game of Charades using classic Filipino Movie titles.  This is Pheobe acting out “Sister Stella L”.
 Hans acting out “Super Inday and the Magic Bilao” or something. 
 Gift giving time
 Uncle Ryan finally getting something hehehe
 Dylan with his gifts! He’s a year and 10 months old, I think.
 Big Eyed Iya
 Opening her gifts
 Play-doh sets, her favorite
 Ipagpapalit ako dito I swear!
 My cousins… agawan ng pera
 Go ate Biane!!
 Scouring for coins
 Gliding paper money!
 Even my titas can’t help but join in
The money we got from the party.
We had our Christmas lunch in Pizza Hut. Nanay’s energy was at its low because of the dinner.  Here’s Iya with her pizza pooch hat.

Toy Kingdom was full of kids wanting to buy with their Christmas money and Iya is not an exception!  I asked her to get only one toy she likes and she chose this Kiddie doh set; she just can’t get enough! Lucky for me it’s only 69.75 so I get to put the rest of her money in the bank.

On the 26th we hosted a “Sulbot party”.  This is a plate-sized sticky rice with caramelized coconut sauce.  One ball is more than enough to satisfy you.  More than that you’ll probably have difficulty sleeping at night.  We love making the “malagkit balls” and we leave the cooking, in a huge “kawa”, to our titos and titas. 

 This is what we were doing before the giniling na malagkit came
 Iya trying to form balls
 Her mini ball
 My cousins
 The assorted balls plate.  The little balls are made by Iya.
 My tita Ana and tito Bing boiling the sauce.
 My titos and tita with Tatay
Here are the gifts she got for Christmas.  Many, many thanks to everyone! You made Iya’s holiday enjoyable.  So enjoyable that whenever she sees gifts she wants to open them and she continues to sing Christmas songs until now!  Last Saturday, we took down our mini tree officially ending our Christmas Holiday.  She said “nagliligpit na ng Christmas tree kasi tapos na ang pasko.” awwww!
 Gifts she got at the province
Gifts she got here in manila
Our gift

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2010

  1. so, is orange the color of the season now? what a coincidence, pati company ni Kuya Henry naki orange na din. Pag ako, purple yan. haha

    ang dami nyang nakuhang gifts! ang saya! nung bata ako, never ako nakakuha ng ganyan ka dami. ang in fairness, ang saya ng Christmas celebration sa inyo 🙂 sa amin kasi, tulog hahaha

    gumagawa din kami ng bilo-bilo sa bahay pag naisipan. tapos irregular yung sizes ng malagkit balls. tapos pag luto na, hanapin mo yung sayo na size. hahaha!!!

    (ang saya ko yata sa post na to :p)


  2. hahaha masaya nga sa probinsya. simple buhay 🙂 masarap na pagkain at madaming katsismisan! naku yang gifts na yan super appreciated. ang swerte nga nya eh! ako din ata di nagkaron ng ganyan kadaming gifts.. mahal pa yata noon.. malamang anak mo nalang ang may madaming gifts sa susunod 🙂


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