Overnight without Iya

Ever since Iya’s birth, there was not a day when we did not sleep together.  I was breastfeeding so I have to be constantly and presently be there.  The first time was last February 3 and 4 when I spent two days and one night in Clark, Pampanga to attend the Lighting Seminar hosted by the UAP.  It was for the benefit of academic growth and to secure information that I may use for my research paper.

I was so preoccupied with my other activities that it was not that bad.  I always thought that it would be heartbreakingly painful but I was flooded with happy memories of her and her kwela antics that it was impossible to be sad.  I am also with my friend Aileen that we get to share “Nanay” moments (her baby also calls her Nanay).  We are also united in our goal to grocery shop for our babies in the duty free shops near the convention center.  Special thanks to Nap for going with us!  It was funny because every aisle I go in always leads me back to what my family likes.  These are the things I bought for her:

1. Gerber puffs in peach flavor- her cousin wacky introduced us to this snack.  It’s a melt in your mouth crispies shaped like a star
2. Transparent goody rubber bands for her hair.  We like to style it in multiply sections to get her hair off her face.  This time we do not need to color coordinate because it disappears with her hair.
3. Cherrios in multi-grain – her Ninang Jin gave her a plastic bag to munch while malling and it has been a favorite since then.  She loves the donut shape and the taste because it is not that sweet.

+  I also bought Henry his favorite chocolates and lemonade. 

It was a pleasant experience and the duration was not that long.  I really wish I was with them but I know that you have to let go sometimes.  It makes it much sweeter when you get to see them again.


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