When I got home from work, Nanay told me about Iya’s kakikayan. Nanay bought a brush set for her make-up and Iya insisted on trying it for herself.  They recreated what happened earlier that day for me.  She is ready for her close-up!  It reminded me of the time when she attended a halloween party and the artist doing face painting said she’s too young to sit still.  But she did.

Iya’s pretend make-up
Iya playing with the vanity set in toy kingdom
Nanay na praktikal! letting her play instead of buying the toy hehe
This video is taken when we were on our way to Tayabas.
This is prior to her bath and playing with my toy given when I was still in elementary.  That is the base of my mixer used as a horn.  I want to remember her in her pjs, so cute! We have a matching pair given by tiya as Christmas presents two years ago.
Her own lyrics and composition.  Yun nga lang she’s the only one who understands it.

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