Joke time?

I was at my mother’s house because we took our father home from the hospital.  He stayed there for three weeks because he had a stroke.  I left Iya with her tatay Henry who has the colds and was resting.  She asked..

Iya      :  Tatay may sakit ka ba?
Tatay  :  Yes (with matching low voice)
Iya      :  Na-stroke ka rin?

When I got home I went straight to Iya.  I was wearing my loose blouse and was happy to see her eating merienda after her nap.  I was surprised when she said…

Iya   :   Nanay para kang buntis
Me   :   Bakit?
Iya   :   Kasi…suot mo yan

(how the heck did she come up with that remark?!)
Her Yaya Ailyn and I was talking about being ready to go to my mothers house and she can’t help but ask.. “Pwede ba akong sumama?”
And while we are on our way to my mother she was blabbering about random things.  Among these she said..
Iya   :  Bakit ang bahay di nagpapahinga?
Me  :  Bakit ano ba ginagawa ng bahay?
Iya  :  Pinapasukan
Yaya:  Baka kasi parating nakatayo!

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