Bakasyon sa Probinsya

I have been busy these past few months with my small projects in Tayabas Quezon Province and I brought Iya along. We both enjoyed the provincial life and our weight proves it. We do domestic things like go to the wet market every Mondays for our weekly meals.  Iya always goes with us, waking up very early by herself.  She enjoyed looking at fishes, vegetables, and little trinkets in the market.  I have a budget of one thousand pesos every week for our fish, meat, poultry, vegetables, and fruits. Tito Tony gave us jackfruits and bananas from the farm.  I was in charge of blending our special fruit shake concoction every day.
I usually start my day going to the church and checking the activities, buy stuff, go to the municipal hall, and make small talks to people I see every day.  I would also check the construction progress of my tita’s house.  I would go back to the house for lunch and my anticipated fruit shake, then spend a short time with Iya reading books or watching TV.  I enjoyed every minute even if I’m starting to look and feel like a probinsyana.  I discovered the wonders of the sambalilo and how it feels cooler and way better than any hat! I wore it with my sunglasses not minding the stares I get.  They are probably thinking “sino kaya tong magbibilad ng palay na ito?”

Throughout my project installation I made acquaintances with people intrigued to know about what I am doing.  I kept discovering things whenever I meet someone new.  There was a time when I talked to an endearing old lady I met while I was having my car washed.  She told me old stories about the church and about the miraculous lighting of the cross when she was 8 years old. 
Iya seemed to enjoy the experience too.  She’s in charge of watering the plants every morning and eventually watering herself as well.  She takes a bath in the planggana at our porch.  I asked her if “ok lang ba na dun sya maligo?” and she said “ok lang kasi di naman nila ako makukuha eh, nakasara naman ang gate”.  I let her watch the disney channel since this was a novel experience because we do not have cable in our house.  She plays with her other toys and read books that we bought in Booksale.  She has these lift-the-flap and pull-out books that amuses her making me read them over and over and over.
Iya with her blocks, she made the tower and the dog (i think).
The Mayohan week is also my light testing week.  After testing we went to the perya to check out the stalls.  My cousins also wanted Iya to try the ceramic painting.  I was skeptical with letting her handle a brush because we paint at home and she always finishes with paint and water everywhere.  I was glad I allowed her because her fish, which I bought for 15 pesos, turned out really good.  I did not even help her because I was busy taking pictures.  Her tsang Camille painted the eyes and her tsong Hans helped her a little with the tail.

At the church park wearing her “sambalilo” with my lighting experiment as the background.  She was envious of mine so Tito Tony bought her one.  This only costs 8 pesos.

Painting her fish

Swishing her brush

Almost done

The finished product
Some days, she goes with me on my site visits wearing her hard hat/ pail.  She really did not remove it until we were out of the house.  I am now challenged to find a little hard hat.  She enjoys balancing on planks and playing with sand.  After her inspection I found her eating pansit habhab/ lucban which is a typical construction worker merienda, “nagutom ata!”

Inspector mode
On the top floor
During one of my self-declared breaks, we went to Mainit hot springs where we dared wade in the super hot pool!  We were so dehydrated!  The pool closes at 4pm and we were not satisfied so we went to Nawawalang Paraiso where the water comes from the Mount Banahaw and is sooo cold!  I got bullied into singing the videoke… with one of Iya’s favorite songs — Da Coconut Nut.  I sang and Iya danced.  Hopefully we did not ruin anyone’s picnic with our number.
With Iya’s Tyong and Tsangs

4 thoughts on “Bakasyon sa Probinsya

  1. @ian, how did you know? original kaya ang rendition ko ng 'da coconut nut'! uy i bought poster paints and brushes. We will try to paint this week! excited!

    @laya, sama ka paguwi mo!! punta tayo sa bukid!


  2. Sige na nga, great job ka na din. Remind her to wash brushes in between paints. 🙂 And keep her artworks! Lagyan mo ng name and date ha. Delighted for you and Iya and the memories you are making together.. 🙂


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