Creating Artworks

We bought poster paints, brushes, and an ice cube tray for mixing.  I mixed the paint with water, as suggested by Ian, so she can dip and paint directly on the paper.  I was not expecting much so we started with painting circles, then wavy lines, then lines in all directions.  I think she loves to mix paints rather than painting so she spent the next hour mixing paints that resulted to different shades of brown. 

Here’s our work station with newspapers and her initial paintings with mine. 
And here’s Iya mixing her paints
And on to another medium…
When she was still months old I bought a little sack of color rocks.  This one is supposedly made from soy and is safe for toddlers.  I forgot about it and it was only a few months ago that I let her use it. It’s easier to hold than crayons.  But, whenever she colors she has this attachment to orange.  I would insist on using other colors to no avail hence her artworks are made from all shades of orange.
Coloring with color rocks
Playing with rocks… she usually forms them into flowers 🙂

4 thoughts on “Creating Artworks

  1. Hahaha So cute! Kaya nga naman brown, kasi nilagyan ng brown. 🙂 It's a wonder to see her so fascinated with mixing paints. Nanay, where's the water for cleaning brushes? What a fancy fashion coat design by the way haha. And don't wash hands agad, baka mapasma.


  2. the water is in the kitchen na hehe this was taken after the painting part so puro paint mixing na sya. di maganda paper ko… blots easily, have to get one of those watercolor papers pa 🙂


  3. Aw, that's okay. So long she was able to explore and have fun. 🙂 And video recorded for it, too. Haha Very nice soy colored rocks, btw! Haven't seen those before. I wonder where you bought them?


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