Q&A while playing blocks

She was a little busy with her blocks while answering me which made this Q and A wholesome.  She said and asked some pretty inquisitive things that I’d rather not say. The trick is to answer as honest as possible… for example:  E pano kung walang pwet? (her question that I asked back)  Her answer:  E di hindi na makakaupo.
Every night this week we let her play with her duplo blocks.  I forgot that she has one because it was stored on top of our closet.  It was only when she was playing with her puzzle and treating it as blocks that I remembered she has this.  She loves to build a tower using all her square blocks. And…
her blocks version of Disneyland.  She was the one who thought of and assembled this, no help whatsoever from me (as I was busy uploading the first video) — proud mom!


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