Iya’s Realization

When I went home her yaya and lola has a new story.

Earlier that day, Ailyn was sewing like my mother. 

Iya:  Bakit ka nananahi? lola ka ba?
Ailyn:  Oo lola ako, bakit gusto mo din? gusto mo din maging lola?
Iya:  Ayoko, madaming ginagawa ang lola.  Namamalengke, nagluluto, nanahi…  Gusto ko nanay nalang ako.



I was fitting my spaghetti straps top, which i bought from uniqlo, with my long skirt.  I asked her if she likes it. 

Iya:  (Shaking her head) kasi yan lang suot mo eh (pointing at my top)
Me:  Bakit ano ba suot ko?
Iya:  Parang bra lang yan eh..
Me:  Hindi ah!

Grabe! conservative like her Tatay! I now have two people who censor my clothes!


I borrowed my mother’s ipod touch (she’s more technology savvy than me).  I downloaded apps for kids and I was so excited sharing this with Iya.  She instantly loved the puzzles, makeup, and Barbie apps that I always have a difficult time getting it back!  She also knows how to unlock my ipod already and then choose what she likes.  I also downloaded games such as tests that make her chose colors, letters, numbers, and shapes and amazingly she can follow instructions.  Her favorite so far is her puzzles but here are some of her makeup and Barbie pictures.  She’s such a girl.

This was her first attempt.  She’s certain with her red hairband accessory.

This was her latest.. and looks like an Asian – probably because of the yellow eye shadow.  Makes me want to try this.

These are her fashion choices complete with her choosing the bags.

An eclectic choice! heels with leg warmers!

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