Filipino Games

I taught Iya a few games that I know when we were little.  The first one was when she was a year old.  Jenny and I taught her “sawsaw suka”.  It’s where you tap your pointer finger on the open faced palm (the taya) while saying saw saw suka mahuli taya! and you have to remove your finger fast because the player who’s finger was captured will be the next “taya”. 

The second is “bato bato pick”.  I was wearing my “bato bato pick” t-shirt one night, she was more than a year old, and she asked me what the drawings meant.  It shows a graphic representation of rock, paper, and scissors enclosed in three orange circles with words “bato bato pick”.  I explained what it meant and how to play it.  She found the scissors cutting the paper funny making her love to play it even if most of the time she uses the scissors.  She’s even the one who says “bato bato pick!”

The third is “nanay tatay” which she knows and chants when she felt like counting.  The chant goes like this

Nanay, tatay gusto ko ng tinapay,
Ate, kuya gusto ko ng kape,
Lahat ng gusto ko ay susundin nyo,
Syang magkamali ay pipingutin ko.

I varied it a little bit because she doesn’t know how to play it yet.  The clapping method is a little difficult to comprehend.  So the final phrase is…

“___ (Iya, yaya, tatay or me)  count one to ten”  so that someone should count from one to ten or twenty or up to what number you like.

So far we always have a good laugh over it, because of the pingot (which is actually a tickle on the ear).

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