This week is breastfeeding week.  There was a program by the Philippine Children’s Medical Center held yesterday discussing the benefits of breastfeeding and at the same time acknowledgement of the BM donors.  I have donated about 271 oz. of breastmilk by the end of last year before I stopped breastfeeding just this February 2011.  Iya’s two years and four months old then.  I gave the expressed milk because Iya prefers direct feeding and I know the milk should be put into good use before it expires.  Besides, my mother had been complaining due to lack of freezer space.  It proved to be a good decision because it gave premature babies more chances of survival.  I never knew how much until I decided to donate.  For me, the milk is just my backup supply, but for the PCMC babies it’s something that they really need or maybe depended on to live.

I was blessed to have milk for my baby and a little more for other babies.  It’s a remarkable feeling to be with people outside of my circle even for a short time.  And now… I’m a certified mommy cow!! Funny how I value this certificate more than my academic certificates..

My mommy cow certificate

Donors with the doctors, staff, and residents

Intermission number

PCMC’s angel

Awarding of certificate

T-shirt front

Contact details

2 thoughts on “News

  1. Congratulations on a very sensible cause. I agree that it's worth more to be able to help other children in one way or another. So proud of you. 🙂 I'm sure Iya will feel the same way some day.


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