Memory of sleepovers

I have colds that I got presumably from the office so I was a little worried that I might infect Julia.  With the Dengue scare going on, i don’t want to risk getting her immune system in a twist.  So last night, I wore a handkerchief mask that made me look like a bandit from old story books and asked Henry if he could be in charge.  We watched the usual Phineas and Ferb cartoon series (we usually finish a minimum of three episodes), let her drink her milk and water and then sleep.  I was facing the other side until she said.. “Nanay! wag ka muna matulog magusap muna tayo…” in a sweet whiney voice!  It made me smile as I turned to the right until we were facing each other (still with my bandit face). It reminded me of times when I spent sleepovers with my cousins ate joy, ate rouselle, ate prescy or with my friends from school or church and we gossip about our school and love lives.  It’s like having a mini girlfriend with me that I can talk to every day.

I asked her about what she did, what toys did she play with, if she follows instructions from her lola.  But here’s the earlier part of our conversation.

Iya:  Asan si lola choly?
Me:  Nasa bahay nya
Iya:  Di ba sya pupunta dito?
Me:  Hindi eh
Iya:  Kapag pumunta sya dito birthday ko na? (because of her last year’s birthday party where her grandparents are her guests)
Me:  Pwede, e ano ba gusto mong gawin sa birthday mo?
Iya:  Gusto ko magpunta sa Mickey Mouse clubhouse at sa Disneyland!

Yikes! Me and my big mouth!

And to another…

Me:  Natutulog ka ba?
Iya:  Yes
Me:  Oo dapat natutulog ka para lumaki ka.  Kapag di ka natulog baka di ka maging ms. universe
Iya:  Kaya Nanay nalang ako.
Me:  Bakit ba parati mo yan sinasabi? bakit ba gusto mo maging nanay?
Iya:  Kasi gusto ko maging ikaw.

And then my heart melted.


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