Birthdays and a little more

Happy Birthday to Nanay and Tatay!! This may be a little late as I was busy.  We celebrated their birthdays eating grilled food in Yakimix. Iya ate the garlic polunchay, the brocolli, the fried noodles, the fish fillet, and some tofu.  And since she’s a good girl and ate all her vegetable we let her pig out on nips (i swear they could have atleast provided m&ms) and their selecta popsicles.  She’s a little hyper afterwards but we let her run around after eating, supervised ofcourse 🙂

 Riding the elevator with her lola and lolo
 Exploring with her tatay
 The birthday boy and the birthday girl
 Funny faces
 The cast
This was after eating! she still wanted to buy the rainbow dots (its the sour dippin dots flavor).  When I asked for it the lady said “Ma’am maasim po yon” and I answered “Oo yun na nga ang gusto nya”. 

We were on our way home last night and Iya was complaining about her allergy/ rashes behind her knees while in the car. 

Me:  Lalagyan nalang natin ng drapolene pagdating sa bahay (her diaper rash ointment)
Iya:  Wag drapolene kasi baka maging pwet yan (refering to her legs hehe)  lagay mo nalang lactacare
Me:  Lactacare ba? Hindi ba clotrasone? (as I dont know if we still have lactacare in the house)
Iya:  Hindi, yung lactacare nilalagay sa akin ni yaya sa masakit, yung clotrasone nilalagay sa kinakamot ko.  Yung sa siko ganon..
Me:  Ahh ganon ba sige lalagyan nalang natin ng lactacare sa bahay.

Silly me! I still need instructions 🙂

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