Araw sa Palengke

One of the books that I read to her before going to sleep is “Araw sa Palengke”.  I love this book because it tells about a mother and a little girl waking up early morning to go to the market.  It is told in tagalog with an english translation.  It has cute illustrations with patterns.  It reminds me of the time when Nanay would take me to the market.  And even if it’s stinky and muddy i still enjoyed it because we will buy “suman” or “bibingka” that we will eat for breakfast. 

Iya already went to the market with Nanay so she associates the story to the actual experience.  But unlike me she doesn’t really mind the smell.  She’s amazed at the things she sees especially the vegetables.  I read the story first in tagalog then in english.  In between lines I would ask her to find things in the book because it has rich details. 

This is a spoiler, but the little girl in the beginning of the story promised her mother that she will not ask for anything in the market.  When she saw the little clay pot or “palayok” she wanted it so badly but remembers her promise.  When they got home and she helped unpack she found the toy under her mother’s “bayong”.  And the way it was illustrated made me remember when we had one just like that.. Nanay bought one when she went to Ilocos, but it’s still one of the toys she can’t play with yet. 
These pictures I got from the web…

 The front cover
One of the page spreads

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