Double three!

I turned 33 yesterday and we celebrated by attending mass and eating at Yakimix.  I forgot my camera so Ryan took this picture.  We were so busy eating that we did not take a group picture. The crew sang the birthday song for me and we both blew the candle.  Whenever they start singing the birthday song she will start dancing on the booth seat making the people from the adjacent table smile.  Iya and I ate for three hours starting from 530 pm to 830 pm.  Henry already went out to buy a notebook bag while nanay and tatay bought christmas decors, but when they got back we were still eating! We even took an ice cream stick on our way out of the restaurant! The proof — Iya’s big tummy!

Grilling with Iya beside me

I asked her what’s her birthday gift for me and she said “Cetaphil”, I asked why? She replied “Kasi ginagamit mo yon eh!”


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