New gadget

Ever since the release of iPad 2, Henry and I keep having endless discussions about its use for us. We are both windows pc lovers primarily because of my autocad requirement and his windows based programming. We associate the iPad for entertainment and will probably be shelved after the novelty of the item wore off. Besides, I already ordered a kindle touch from my cousin and was looking forward to it.
The iPad purchase came as a joke. When asked what I want for my birthday, I just blurted out “iPad” knowing that we will probably have another laugh about it, but he said “ok, that was what i was thinking too.” It was now my turn to talk him out of it because he wanted to replace his notebook just last night. Even when we were already inside the store, I was still hesitant.
But as soon as I brought it home, the iPad immediately had a role in the family. The top priority is to be an entertainment tool for Iya. The first programs I downloaded are for her. When we said we have a surprise, you can see her eyes light up. She is already familiar with the touch screen technology because of my iPod. I said “this is mine because it is big like me, see? You can have the iPod because it is small like you.” but she disagrees. I can’t use it when we are in the house because she will pester me until I give in. I also can’t use it at work so that leaves me the small window of opportunity whenever Iya’s busy with something else or asleep.
Initially she was busy with the applications of coloring and puzzles. I filled up three folders for her downloads alone. Then she progressed to playing with the camera. Now she is interested with the scrap booking and the story books. She would save her coloring creations so I get to see what she was up to.
As with all other gadgets and playthings, I try to limit the hours of her play. Usually I let her use it when i’m home at night before watching her Phineas and Ferb series. Here are some of her applications and what she’s been doing.
The sounds and spell isolates the letters of the animals with additional trivia on baby animal names. The spelling magic introduces basic spelling by arranging letters to form words. ABC puzzles are shape puzzles of animals arranged alphabetically. The Kids apps with Einstein’s head are collection of flashcards arranged by categories. The Colorama is my favorite because it has different textures aside from the solid colors. The submarine was created using this app. Color by Shape helps teach shape and color at the same time. Her books are different titles from storychimes, toy story, and alice in wonderland — all free of course šŸ™‚
Her orange dinosaur from the coloring book section
The kaleidoscope style comes with the Photobooth application so she used it take a picture of herself and the ceiling of Yakimix during my birthday dinner. Two pictures were taken using the infrared camera. The last picture is her orange zebra on the green green grass with polkadots like minnie mouse.
Lately I imposed a time schedule for bedtime. I let her read the digital clock in our room. I said, if you see 1 and 0, it is time to sleep. She agrees and reacts “Nanay ang one and zero, ten yon di ba?”. Apparently i oversimplified things!

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