Pre-holiday pictures!

Having a child makes you try all sorts of things.  I was supposed to buy Henry’s gift but while I was shopping she came to me and said she wants to have her picture taken with the penguins.  So here I was ready with the camera and asked her to pose for me.  Then we transferred to Santa’s cabin to take her picture on the red couch.  Then she asked her lola if she can go inside the snow globe for 50 pesos each! Kapag may bata talaga napapabili ka ng di oras!  So there we were, waiting for our turn in the globe with falling shaved ice.  It was very artificial but she enjoyed the temperature and the feel of ice falling on her head.

Happy Holidays!
Afterwards we went to CBTL for snacks.  Iya’s drink (hot vanilla) came from her Uncle Ryan’s eggs benedict meal.  People kept looking at me funny whenever she drinks from her cup.  I would like to shout a disclaimer every five minutes…”It’s vanilla people! Do you think I’m a crazy mom who would let her child drink coffee?!”

Iya and her hot vanilla

Then I get to wrap presents at home for relatives and friends.  I chose a few gifts for the photo op because the embellishments are not consistent.  I bought varied wrappers with metallic crepe papers and different colored yarns while I printed downloadable vintage gift tags. 

Iya hovering over the gifts.  She has gotten really good at spotting her name under the tree!

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