Christmas 2011 part 2

I’m still waiting for Ryan’s pictures.. but I’ll post them as soon as it’s available for the benefit of a certain cousin who missed it! hehe

So I will continue after the party in Nanay Lita’s house.  We were supposed to open gifts but were distracted by the coins and videoke.  So we opened the rest in our house.  Here are the videos of Iya arranging gifts earlier that morning and opening selected gifts that night.

Arranging her gifts under the tree
Her gift from her cousin 
Opening her gift from Lolo Dennis and Lola Nelia
And testing it! Finally I recorded her impromptu composition.  I get worried sometimes that she does not know how to sing nursery songs.  I wonder how she will cope when all the other kids all know “old mcdonald had a farm” or “baa baa black sheep”.
Opening our gift which I got for 150 pesos from divisoria hehe
And when it’s finally time to sleep, she would not let go of the microphone.  Partida wala pang battery yan!
We slept at 1 am after I read her two favorite pop up books.  We went to church on Christmas morning and I have to really convince her because she does not want to go.  She was so tired with all the dancing and staying up late.   After church Tiya called and asked her to go to their house “para mamasko”.  So we practiced the usual script na “mamamasko po!” to our neighbors before going to Tiya in her Christmas dress (care of her Uncle and Ninong ofcourse!).  When she got there my cousins exclaimed “Naku! Di pwede ang bente pesos dito sa batang to!  Kailangan mabawi ang pinambili sa damit!”.  It was a success and got hundreds of pesos from her lolos, lolas, and cousins!
Next year I’ll probably let her walk with Dylan and go house to house for more loot! 
Merry Christmas!

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