Christmas 2011 part 3

We went home on December 25 in the afternoon because Henry needs to be in the office on the 26th.  We had an “unchristmasy” dinner of ampalaya salad and fried tilapia in Kanin Club.  
Christmas dinner

Then we had our coffee and Iya’s milk tea in Coffee Bean and Tea leaf.   She sips just a little bit because she wants to feel like a grownup drinking coffee.

Stirring her faux “coffee”

On our way back to the car we saw our friends Roy and Gina and their kid Gian.  They were on their way to Eastwood to see the Christmas lights.  We stayed in Henry’s office while the dads talk about office stuff.

Iya jumping on the couch.. oops!

The following day we get to open more gifts! From us, uncle, ninong and from the office.  I was surprised by her being so appreciative.  Maraming salamat from all of us!

Another gift I bought for her from National bookstore when I was searching for Christmas wrappers
A gift from my officemate Omar
And as promised, an extensive documentation for her uncle Ryan and Ninong Marty who was not able to see her open this gift. Both of us got to enjoy this one!  Very generous I might add, parang sila ang mga tatay hehehe 
Iya arranging the bed with the chairs and side table as Nanay, Tatay, and Iya
The family sleeps on the floor with the tv at the foot of the bed, just like us.. awww!

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