I promised Iya we will buy a gift from her Christmas money same as last year.  So we went to the toy store to buy one toy.  She has to choose one only.  This year I must confess that I did not give her that freedom because I wanted her to buy this…

The box
Table of pieces per model
Picture’s of the models, some are not that good but still she can think of other ways to make improvements

I love this toy because it is a building toy and has value for the money.  It costs about 550 pesos but it can build up to 31 models.  It has tools for building that she can manipulate and create when she’s a little older.  For now I expect I’ll be the one building most of them.  She has been using the green sticks to skewer the square pieces and make barbeques.
Pieces and tools
I assembled this car, she puts on the wheel…

…And tightens the screw


 Arranging the pieces by color

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