Her choice

I was dressed by a three year old.  
Iya woke up on the other side of bed and was a wee bit clingy.  She wanted both of us snuggle on the bed longer and after a little drama saying I was hungry, she also wanted us to eat breakfast together.  After breakfast and while I was getting my jeans, she spotted the yellow dress.  This yellow dress is special and I only wear it for parties with vintage (1960’s, 1970’s) themes.  The reason being, this is an authentic vintage dress from my mother’s closet when she was still 20+ years old and in college.  I’m a safe dresser and this screams “wear-me-if-you-want-your-engineer-officemates-to-tease-you-endlessly” kind of clothing.  But she was so adamant that I follow her fashion advice with a threatening “i-will-cry” look.

Here’s part of our conversation:

Iya:  Yung yellow dress nanay
Me:  Bakit yan? Pangit nga yan, gusto mo pakita ko sayo? (me taking the dress out of the closet)
I:  Maganda naman eh, kapag sinuot mo yan gaganda ka.
M:  E pano kung di ko suotin?
I:  E di hindi ka gaganda.
M:  Kapag ako pinagtawanan ng mga officemates ko ikaw may kasalanan.
I:  Bakit ka nila pagtatawanan e maganda naman ah!
M:  Sige na nga…

My mother’s dress with beige wedges from Celine

*After Henry read this post, he said “Nauto ka ni Iya ah!”.  — kainis!


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