An Under the Sea Party!

Iya and company (that’s me and my parents hehe) attended her cousin Adriana’s birthday celebration in Manila Ocean Park.  It was very thematic and festive! It’s every kid’s dream party and we were there to share it with them.  It was held at the function room on the other side of the Oceanarium so there was a whole aquarium wall at one side of the room.  The party was hosted by Pocholo, the famous host who has impeccable comedic timing and also a very good dancer while making his animal balloons.  
There was an area for the kids near the stage with little chairs and tables.  They also have a separate menu that I only discovered after we ate because Iya was in our table. She was not able to eat the kiddie menu composed of red spaghetti, chicken, burger, fries, and a chocolate cupcake.  Instead, she ate the healthier version: pesto pasta, cream dory fillet with fries, steamed vegetables (especially the brocolli), rice, and fresh fruits.  Sometimes even I can’t believe my luck that she would prefer this kind of food over the staple kiddie meals.
She won a toy when she was interviewed on stage and asked to say Happy Birthday to Adriana.  Announcing to the whole room that she wants to be a “Nanay” when she grows up. There were other games, three puppet shows (the little mermaid, finding nemo, and spongebob squarepants), a mermaid show, and a magic show.  They even gave tickets to see the oceanarium and the penguin show which we will be going on a weekday.
It was a great party made special with family and friends.

Paparazzi shot of the stage with Trillanes

The birthday girl and her parents (my cousins) on stage 

Iya with her cousins Ali (Adriana’s big sister) and kuya Xavier
Lolo and Lola

Me with Iya looking at the mermaid

Lola and Iya with the mermaids

the Puppet show with Nemo and Marlon

The birthday girl Adriana

Lolo and Lola

Watching the fishes

With ate Audrey, pink polka dots are in!

Us with the stingrays.. Very difficult to get a good shot when I’m with Iya

Iced tea with the fishes

I don’t know if this is an eel or a fish.. 

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