Paper Toys

One fine night, I was in the mood to make Iya a dressy cats paper toy from Joel, an artist father who is so generous with his works on the net.  You can find his creations here.  So even if my eyes are starting to droop, it was a pleasure seeing her play with these..

The dressy cats!
Peek-a-boo! with Iya
And I printed out another model for my own entertainment hehe  This reminded me of the time when Ryan and I were kids and we made miniature houses from paper for our train station.  
The mini version of paper city Paris

Coincidentally, I also have a new book from Ian about paintings from the Musee D’Orsay Paris.  I just have to start and do something (anything!) soon.  This sketchbook was given by Jeff last year and it has been waiting for me forever! So hopefully I can find the inspiration to start again.


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