Floating Library

Our family friend Anna recommended that we go and see the floating library at Pier 14 in Manila.  After dilly dallying one lazy Sunday afternoon we finally left at around 3pm.  We were there after an hour and were surprised to see so many people.  The volunteers were very accommodating and were congenial when they saw Iya (even the snobby cashier).  I bought three new Mickey Mouse clubhouse books and one math workbook for 350 pesos plus your choice of amount for the donation.  The books are mostly for kids and most are not found here in our local bookstore.   Aside from what I bought, I found this human anatomy book that is presented in transparent layers so it’s very easy to comprehend which was only 300 pesos.   The Disney storybooks are also really cheap.  I bought two books for Iya that was priced 50 pesos each.  I was longing to buy three classic story books for 500 pesos each but quickly realized that I’m just reminiscing my childhood and will probably take up space then eventually collect dust at home.

The view of the ship from the drop off point

The Logos Hope Ship

Henry is in awe of the size..
Even Iya!

The life boats.. Reminded me of Titanic.
Such a lady like smile! We can’t wait to go inside!

The bookstore/ floating library

Other photos showing the book she chose for 50 pesos, falling in line for ice cream
and popcorn, and walking up the bridge to the ship.  
I remember when we were kids and my parents would take us to the Manila Zoo, Nayong Pilipino, or Luneta Park, not to mention our out of town trips to Baguio and Tagaytay.  We get to experience the outdoors and not just the mall.  I enjoyed these moments with my family and I hope that we get to emulate it with Iya.

2 thoughts on “Floating Library

  1. Nakaalis na ba ang Logos? Gusto ko rin pumunta! 🙂 Ito ba ang Lobos dati?
    Tama, Nanay, mas maganda talagang mamasyal sa totoong mga lugar. Hindi lang sa simulated outdoors/indoor parks like the mall!
    Naalala ko rin yung kaisa-isang memorya ko nung bata ako na lumabas kami ng mama at papa ko. Hawak hawak nila ako sa magkabilang kamay. Paminsan, ginagawa ko pa silang swing. Nung hapon na yun, bumili kami ng raketa ng badminton and naglaro sa plaza. Ngayon, yung plaza na sinasabi ko, puno na ng parkingan at ng mga tiangge tiangge. Nakakalungkot 😦


  2. naku nasa subic na sila up to april 8!

    pareho tayo.. we got to experience the outdoors since the mall boom was just starting back then. wala kaming pambili that time so we go to the alternative cheap places like the park 🙂 sana nga wag nilang lagyan ng puro tiangge!


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