Simple Things

The weekend was uneventful but we had fun doing simple things..
I organized documents and manually shredded old files with Iya.  We had fun making this confetti from bank statements so even if we were supposed to clean up, we ended up making more mess.  She kept on shouting “surprise!” while throwing these in the air.   And woe is me if I do not join in!
More mess!
Iya’s first time eating in our neighborhood “lugawan”.  While we were ordering, the lady asked us if we wanted a garlic topping which I said yes for mine and Henry’s but no to Iya.  She contradicted me and said she wants garlic too.  I guess  I always think of her as a baby wanting plain food but apparently she’s old enough to know she likes lugaw with toasted garlic.

This dress is a little too big for her but with the hot weather this works just fine.   Thanks to ate Prescy she now has a cool house dress. 

I bought this miniature tea set just last Friday and she has been pestering me to play with it.  And since we are talking about tea, we couldn’t help but speak with an English accent!  Talk about playing the part!  “One lump or two?” After this, I felt that she’s ready to experience my secret miniatures collection one house at a time (with supervision of course).

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