Readiness to Read

I am a crazy, paranoid mother. 
I constantly worry about the simplest things.  I never really voice it out (well, except to Henry, who probably tunes out whenever I start to panic-blabber) as I may get this weird look and lose friends. My issue as of this moment is “how will I get her to read”. Reading is such an important part of my life that I would bend over backwards to let her enjoy this with me. I envisioned our comfortable silent days with a book in each our hands and oblivious to the world — ok this is such a NERDY scenario BUT nonetheless it is important that she reads.
Most of my friends knew or have kids who “sight read” at the age of 3 with the exceptional ones at age 2. That got me hyperventilating since she is already 3 and 5 months.  Iya loves stories and would constantly ask me to read her books repeatedly but she has yet to learn to be interested to read on her own. And since I am planning to let her start school this June, I have to prepare her just in case all her classmates know how to read already. I also know that it is wrong to compare because kids have their own learning curves but I should at least try to give her the chance to do it.   
My mom said she easily gets distracted when they do school related stuff like spelling or coloring. She said I was more obedient (or probably scared) when I was her age. I could read and memorize all sorts of poems and rhymes at age 3, or so she says. My mother was stricter with me than I am with Iya. We do not force her when she does not want to do things anymore. So, I just want to try to introduce a reading hour after breakfast and see how it goes. I bought a book just last Friday. It’s one of Dr. Seuss’s rhyming books that we also had when we were kids. “Hop on Pop” is a collection of simple words then formed in simple sentences. We read a few pages and i am so relieved that she can recognize/read some of the words already! (whew! just in time before i start to think she’s dyslexic).  She still gets confused sometimes with prepositions and say “teka nga alam ko to” or “hmn… sandali lang nanay pagiisipan ko muna” and I will patiently wait forever until she remembers. I would give her clues like asking for the sound of the letter or translating the word in Tagalog.  I also feel that she prefers to question, count, or describe what is happening in the pictures rather than read the boring words so I let her tell me stories in between pages.  I just hope I have the patience to continue doing this and for doing this right. 
And then, while i was browsing one of my favorite no-brainer sites at one in the morning, i heard her say “UP”. I guess our reading has an extended effect — even in dreamland.
P.S.   No shouting or bickering or pleading transpired during our reading sessions and I intend to keep it that way.  Life is too precious to have these kind of struggles as early as now.  As for my thoughts… well, that’s a whole different story.

3 thoughts on “Readiness to Read

  1. “Up” or “U.P.”? baka naman sa dream ni Iya she was telling you, “Nay, matulog ka na. May pasok ka ba bukas sa UP.” Hahaha! Kasi pareho spelling! :p


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