Playing with Construction Materials

Our parents are working on another of their small scale housing projects within our compound thus the excuse for our dirty cars that has so much soil on them that we can actually plant kamote.  The best part is playing on the mounds of gravel and sand for construction.  I couldn’t resist letting her try despite warnings.   When I was a kid I was fearless but apparently she did not inherit that from me.  She can fake it though, the pictures show her as brave even to the point of doing exhibitions (see how she can balance while raising her arms haha!).  This is the complete opposite when you listen to her heartbeat!  At least now she knows the difference between gravel (graba) and sand (buhangin) and that she prefers the former over the latter because she does not want sand in her slippers.  I’ll just have to take her to the beach again to remind her that it’s fun to play with sand.
Balancing on top of the mound

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