Things you should know about Iya..

She doesn’t take herself too seriously and she has a great sense of humor. Just last night we were saying our goodbyes so we can retire for the night. She said goodbye to her Lolo and asked “Lolo asan na si Lola?”. I was puzzled because she knows that she was sitting at the other side of the room. Then I saw her walking sideways to the door, deliberately facing the opposite wall, while smiling slyly and saying “Di ko nakikita eh!”.
Countless times she has saved me by having a high EQ.  She knows how to answer properly and honestly without hurting other people’s feelings. She shuttles between our place to her two grandparents who keeps a schedule on her days of visit. One time we were discussing her schedule for the week and out of the blue her lola asked “gusto mo ba dito?” as if testing her to choose where she wants to stay more.  I almost had a heart attack and couldn’t breath in anticipation of her answer. She said “gusto ko din dito lola” explaining further that sometimes she goes to Lola Choly and sometimes she goes to Lola Nely. 
She is so sweet. She would give me power hugs and powerkisses even if i least expect it. She would make her lola call me just to say “hello nanay, miss na kita eh” and will really wait for me until i get home. She would also ask me to call her Tatay to tell him that she will sleep already when he is working late. 
She worries about others.  Everybody in our house should be accounted whenever we leave.  She’s aware when her Tatay opens the door and goes out of the car for less than a minute.  She does not want to leave anybody behind.  I say that she is such an “ate” material because she would take care of her friends and remind them to be careful. It’s really funny to hear her say “Uy kuya wag ka dyan, baka maipit ka dyan”.
Her ability to share even when there is little left.  I know that toddlers are egocentric to establish themselves within their environment.  Sharing as a concept is rarely acceptable at this point so I was surprised when she actively shares everything with other people.  She divides her food, shares her dolls, and allow other people to play with her toys.  When you ask for food but there is only one piece left, she would really give you the other half saying “Share tayo ha?”.  

2 thoughts on “Things you should know about Iya..

  1. Nanay, saan mo ba nabili yang si Iya?! Ako rin, gusto ko ng Iya :)) Meron ba sa supermarket? Or sa computer shop? Or hiningi mo kay Santa Claus? Hihi. Siya ang perfect na best friend! 🙂 Gift talaga siya ni God sa iyo.

    Iya, paglaki mo at nabasa mo ito… ako ang No. 1 fan mo (maliban kay Nanay)! 😀 Actually, lahat kami No. 1 fan mo pala. Hehehe!


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