Play date

We had an instantaneous decision one Thursday morning that we will go to La Mesa Ecopark and swim.  It seems like the perfect timing since we had been meaning to get our kids to play together.  So everything was set; the date, place, time and strategy.  Whatever possessed the clouds to darken and rain like crazy was beyond our comprehension and planning.  Even PAGASA reported that it will continue to be sunny for the whole week.  
But since we are dead set on this outing, we proceeded with our kids in tow.  When we reached the park it was closing time for the pool! so we settled in one of the open huts.  It was fun munching on chips and watching the kids eat their cotton candies.  They run around the bamboo flooring and played tug of war with the Mickey towel.  Xian being the official photographer took pictures of us.  I swear Roan’s kid is so coordinated with her hands.  She can manipulate and hold the camera like an adult even if she just turned 3 years old.  She even does half presses for focusing!
We were lucky an admin jeep picked us up and dropped us near our car.  We headed to She and Sophie’s house for pansit and lumpia while the kids played with balloons and watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  We then dropped Roan and Xian and went to a nearby mall to meet Henry. 
It was a great afternoon that we hope to repeat again.  Even the uncooperative weather couldn’t stop us from having a play date!

The mommies and the babies

Our little Mama Marys
Mommy She and Sophie
Mama Roan and Xian, our photographer

Nanay and Iya (Xian took this shot!)

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