Looking for Schools

I hate to admit it but my baby is already a little girl.  And my little girl has to go to school.

I took a leave of absence to check the toddler schools around our area.  We checked the community school near my mother’s house.  It has a playground that Iya enjoyed while I was asking for the details.  Teacher Anne checked what she knows about numbers, letters and sounds of the letters, shapes, and colors.  She answered all of the questions perfectly so she got three stars.  

We then tried two big schools who said she was still too young to enroll to their kinder program.  She should be 4 years old by June.    
The last one was a Montessori school near our house.  It was located in an old house converted to a school.  We were not able to check the classrooms but she will be assessed by April 23.  Her assessment will place her either in the morning or afternoon class.  The principal kept on talking to me in English even if I was answering back in Tagalog.  It felt so artificial to me though.. 
After lunch we asked around for summer ballet which I think she would love.  It’s so expensive! But it’s something that I look forward to more than the June school enrollment actually.  I want to see her in her tutu and twirling around.
The tuition
For the first community school, the tuition is Php 23,000.00 for the whole school year with about Php500 for the uniform.
For the Montessori school, the tuition is Php27,000.00 for the whole school year with miscellaneous fees.  I forgot how much. 
For the ballet school, the tuition for a one month summer program is Php6,000! with Php2,500 for her uniform.
My concerns
I love Iya’s knowledge in Tagalog.  It’s what we use in our house because we are Filipinos.  I don’t know how she will react to an all English environment though.. I am worried if she can cope and express herself properly.  On the other hand if I enroll her to a typical school, she might get bored because she knows what the teacher will be discussing already.  
I hope she can adjust because we are leaning towards the Montessori school.  I just have to speak to her sometimes in English so she can practice before her class starts.

I bought this to help her write.  She can trace the letters and numbers in this workbook.

Wow three stars and she’s not yet in school.  Good job lola and yaya hehe

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