Something to remember

I was always thought that the best you can do for your child is to provide them with everything within our capacity. I would always compare how we were raised before and I know that there are many things that we liked but did not have because of financial priorities. I catch myself planning all unnecessary things just because I was not able to experience it.

Sometimes I even worry about peer pressure in school. Because I know from my experience that kids compare their lives with people around them. They guage acceptance on numerous material things. I hope she finds friends that will accept her for her personality. That’s partly the reason why I like to surround her with creative things which are not expensive. So she can learn that things are not valued based on prices. Material things most of the time get in the way of being known for yourself and what you can do.

I was reminded by the “bible you version” of this.


The greatest gift you can give your kids is not the newest and best the world has to offer. It is the love of God through Jesus Christ. That is the gift that enables them to resist the creation’s lures and live in the love of the Creator. Your kids are going to be bombarded with messages from the world, and those promises are extraordinarily difficult to resist. In fact, they are impossible to resist without the indwelling Spirit. Introduce your kids to the gift that keeps on giving — grace.

Do you pursue God with the same fervor with which you pursue the things of the world? Your kids are watching É

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