Cycling in the park

We went to Quezon City Circle to let Iya experience biking.  The last time I went there was about 10 years ago with my high school best friends Diane and Jin.

We went there to bike and then tried… ballroom dancing! Complete with a Dance Instructor for the night.  It was a weird but a fun experience where we danced the night away with our fellow grandma dancers.  I never smelled such a strong perfume from a man before which was fitting because he was so sweaty after leading the three of us, one at a time of course.  We were there enclosed in the dance floor in our jeans making us the most under dressed and the youngest group.  The grandmothers were all wearing dresses and heels and thick makeup!  I swear I don’t know how they can do that while there I was sweating it all out.

Enough with the flashback… It might give me nightmares…

So here I am this time expecting the same layout but I was pleasantly surprised.  The biking area has been improved to accommodate a four wheeled cart complete with the “race track”.  The kids and adults also have separate lanes so it’s safer for kids to ride on their own.  Initially Iya tried to do it but she was so little that she had a hard time reaching for the pedals (teehee!) so she opted to ride with me.

After biking we walked around the memorial park to see the dancing fountain.  She also saw joggers and wanted to try it too.  I think she only jogged six paces and said she’s already tired! I need to let her walk more..

We would definitely come back to do things we missed like the walk inside the museum.

Quezon City Memorial

Iya and Tatay

Side by side biking.

On her own but..

being a passenger is way better!

The track

And us whirring fast?!

Finished already with Iya unbuckling her seatbelt.

Went to this bike for a kiddie ride.

Extended version of the cart but with two wheels.

At the dancing fountain.  We also got her a cotton candy but she forgot all about it when we ate dinner.
Waiting for our max chicken and asparagus with scallops.  Healthy activity ergo a healthy dinner.  Besides I think Iya prefers healthy over anything else.  The cotton candy has been moved to the side.

A great way to end the day 🙂

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