Playtime with Miniatures

I have a confession to make. I have been a closet collector of Sylvanian families for over eight years. And since I finally have a daughter, I can breathe a sigh of relief because all my previous collecting was not done in vain.

It started when I got inspired by my best friend Diane who is a hard core Barbie collector. She was asking me what I want for Christmas. I realized that I seldom get excited over Christmas gifts outside my immediate family, which may I say, are always superb and with taste. I wanted something to remind me of that Christmas feeling that there is a toy that I really like buried in the pile of gifts. So we made a deal to give each other a toy for Christmas.

But what toy? I found the Sylvanian families toy set and immediately fell in love with the craftsmanship. I bought a kitchen set and was hooked! Henry teased me endlessly about my addiction and refers to it as “mga daga”. This was because the “families” are sets of miniature animals (of course the mouse family is included) with miniature houses and things. I would always say “para to sa magiging anak natin na babae”. And deep inside I would make a wish that I hope my first baby would be a girl.

I got my wish.

Now that it’s finally safe to take one out of the closet, I chose the school. Iya will be attending nursery next week and hopefully through play she would be inspired seeing a classroom setting. There are study desks, art tables, chairs, and supplies. I also bought a school lunch set with bread and milk. I was not able to take as many pictures as I hoped because we were busy playing. Maybe some other day…

An observation deck?! How cool is that?

The little rabbit with her art supplies

Closer view of the telescope.  Iya placed this on her own.

The interiors of the school.  The lower level is for the traditional classroom setting with a blackboard, study desks and chairs while the upper level is for the art classes.  The tables are from the school lunch set which was not yet arranged.
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5 thoughts on “Playtime with Miniatures

  1. @ mar sobrang cute talaga!

    @ legallyBeary yes we should schedule it soon! ONE WHOLE DAY. remember how tired we were when we assembled the bakery? and that was only one building!


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