First day of school assignment

Iya started her normal school schedule yesterday and I was taken down memory lane as early as day one! They have a school diary where the teacher puts notes on what to buy, what they learned, and the assignments.  And they have assignments on the first day for nursery students?? Is this really true?  I suppose it’s a must to make the parents feel that the school is really serious with the education of these three-year-olds.  If I had known nursery would be this hard core I probably would have had second thoughts.

So here are the assignments for Day One:

1.  Trace capital letter A and small letter a in the writing workbook.  Very simple.  But Iya is so darn lazy when it comes to writing.  I have to really watch her for 30 minutes to trace the letters and listen to her stories on how her letters turn out that way.  She will say “Yung letter A ko parang sunog”  because it has squiggly lines at the edges.

2.  Cut and paste some of the objects you may find inside your closet.  This is also relatively simple if I am at home and I can search these images in the internet then print it.  But since we are staying in my mother’s house for a week I hoped and prayed she has magazines.  I panicked when I was unable to find one so I decided to draw the items instead.  I asked Iya what was inside her closet and she directed me to draw her a princess dress (with kilay-kilay a.k.a. ruffles), shirt, pants, tiara, hat, etc.  Then I asked her to color it.  I was really relieved when my mother said she has a stack of old magazines stored so I was able to find some images to cut to add to the drawings.

3.  Cut and paste 5 objects that start with the short vowel sound /a/.  Nawindang ako! Even with magazines I had a mental block as to what these objects are.  In my mind I was reciting, apple, aardvark, etc.  After searching in five or six magazines, my first cut was an ad for Lysol.  They made a graphical representation of different bacteria magnified with the word “allergens”.  The next one is an “apple”.  The third one is a color block painting of flowers and bees to which I classified as “art”.  The fourth one is a leg with an “anklet”.  I still need one.  In absolute despair, I went to the kitchen and found an “ant” for word number five. 

P.S.  I am truly sorry that an ant had to be sacrificed for this exercise.


3 thoughts on “First day of school assignment

  1. ate osang!!! hahaha!! naalala ko yung assignment ko na ganyan nung bata pa ako! hehe 4 years old nga lang ako nagstart ng school. hanggang 4 years old lang kaya i-track down ng memory ko eh haha! ❤


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