The month of August is “Buwan ng Wika”.  When I was still in the primary and secondary level this event was only a week.  We would participate in the various school programs and wear Filipiniana.  I still remember this one program in grade 3 when I was a narrator in a dula with Ethel and Shierra.  They would tease me endlessly about my dadaan-ang-kalabaw stance back then.

Here’s me with the mic. This dula is about using Tagalog vs. English but I don’t remember who won in the end.  Probably Tagalog because it is her week.
And naturally this would not be complete without Iya’s version.  They required the students to memorize a poem and wear Filipiniana in school.  Up to the last minute I was still thinking if I should follow and go through all the effort but in the end I crammed and bought a terno for 270 pesos in the town market.  I ended up washing and ironing the same day because it was a little dusty.  She tried it out the same afternoon so we had a mini dress rehearsal.  It was delightful to see her look so probinsyana. What can I say? It’s in our blood. 
Filipiniana dress rehearsal. 
She refused to remove the dress without letting her lolo Floren and lola Nely take a look first.

Ang Munting Bata poem that she recited in front of the class and the parents.  Luckily she memorized the last line because before it goes something like this…
Ang Munting Bata
Kahit ako’y batang munti
Pangarap ko ay sari sari
Paggalang at wastong gawi
Ginagawa ko palagi
Sarili ay paunlarin
Maling kilos ay baguhin
Pagaaral pagbutihin

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