Last Saturday we braved the rains and attended the first year birthday party of Yuan, the second daughter of my college friend Aileen.  And since most of my friends have families and young ones, we seldom get to see each other except for children related celebrations.  The theme is a Hawaiian Luau which I think is one of the most popular themes regardless of age.  You can choose to be goofy, relaxed, sexy, or even just go in your flowery housedress without people batting an eyelash in contempt.  When I read the invitation I already knew what Iya will wear.  Instead of going sexy, I decided to channel Lilo in her housedress.  She has this flowery dress which is perfect for the part.  For her accessories, I bought her a pink flower necklace in 168 last Thursday for 35 pesos. From that necklace, I was able to make her a bracelet and a clip for her hair as well. 

With the birthday girl Yuan, her sister Liane, and Iya

Here’s the costume.  Julia with her pseudo name Twinkle.
The party set up

The kids with the Mascot (Kid Mcdo? They cartoonified the Mcdo Clown.  I guess Filipino kids find the old one creepy)

Iya participating in the games

Iya and me wearing a fitted house dress 🙂

The People’s Choice award “Best in Costume” goes to… (drum roll please)… Iya! with a gigantic pink bear as her prize.  I’m getting the hang of this costume assembling thing with the special help of Marty and Ryan’s dress choices.  “Costume ba kamo? Sandali lang ha…”

To all the people who clapped for me… Mahalo!

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