Iya’s first Construction Lesson

Parents are role models for their children.  This can be seen through their character, decisions, and subconsciously through their interests.  I realized this through the simplest of things — toy shopping.  And toys are used by children as a way to experiment and then relate to the real world.  Being the parent, I have the money therefore I also have the power to choose Iya’s toys.  I manipulate.. err influence her which one to choose or (if I’m feeling generous) approve her choice.  In a way, getting excited over things that interests me makes her curious what they are.  I am sure that even if she will not follow the same course I took, she will definitely be informed about what I do.  I wanted to try a kit that I saw in CDR-King.  It’s a miniature brick house that you assemble using mortar priced at 280 pesos.  I bought it for myself but when she saw it she wanted to join me too.
Since she is into Disney Princesses, I bought her a castle for her birthday. I said that the mini house can be the cottage for Snow White or Sleeping Beauty before they lived in the castle.    I will assemble it then she can play with it.  She has been pestering me to open it for two days before I finally had the time to sit and do it.  We started with the inventory of the materials.  She helped me segregate the pieces based on the type of building blocks.  I poured the mortar powder which I think is lime and mixed it with water.  I know lime is dangerous when inhaled so I let Iya mix it only for a while.  I let her try putting the mortar on the brick and arrange them on the board.  
She asked me what lime is and I told her it is calcium carbonate which is a deposit like sand from shells. When cooked it becomes calcium oxide or quicklime that when mixed with water creates a paste that will  bind the bricks together.  This lime mixture is also the same type of binder that was used for building our old structures before cement was invented.  I know she did not understand it but she will soon hahaha! the important part is that when it dries it hardens to bind two materials together.  There are pieces left over so I let her play with the bricks to make her own creation while I finish building the house.  It took me an hour and a half to make! whew! She immediately played with it together with her little people (see below).  I said it needs a day to harden so she should touch it gently for the meantime.  Here are the pictures and the finished product..
Materials and how they are grouped together for easier building.
Iya mixing the mortar and trying to put it on one of the bricks.

Her little creations while I was making the house.  She said she made little people, a boy and a girl,  for the house that she glued together. 

laying out the bricks and the finished product.  We even had materials left over to make a little dog house on the side.  

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